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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom TeethWisdom teeth usually erupt between 16-23 years of age. A common problem that arises with the emergence of wisdom teeth is that there is not enough room for them to fully erupt and they become ‘impacted’.

To avoid associated problems such as infection of neighbouring gum tissue, decay of neighbouring teeth or crowding of front teeth, such wisdom teeth should be removed.

This procedure can be carried out in the dental chair under local anaesthesia. However for multiple wisdom teeth or difficult cases, a patient may be referred to an oral surgeon for treatment under general anaesthetic in a hospital or a day procedure centre.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Glen Waverley

In keeping with our mission to provide complete dental care, we’re experienced in wisdom teeth removal in Glen Waverley. Years of experience at Complete Dental Care ensure a high quality of dental care and a smooth recovery for all wisdom teeth removal. Glen Waverley residents seeking the gentlest care, with minimised recovery time, should speak with us.

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