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Root Canal Treatment Melbourne

Root Canal Treatment MelbourneWhile the thought of a root canal treatment can cause stress and anxiety, the procedure isn’t as bad as you may think – especially when it’s performed by the skilled and experienced dentists at Complete Dental Care. We provide a soothing, stress-free environment for all treatments. Located in Wheelers Hill, our root canal treatment in Melbourne can help patients find relief from debilitating tooth pain.

What Does a Root Canal Treatment Involve?

In most cases, a root canal treatment is needed when the nerve of a tooth in the root canal becomes infected or diseased (this is often caused by decay, fracture and tooth injury). When bacteria enter the inside of the nerve, this can lead to severe pain, inflammation, and even infection. In order to save your tooth, a root canal treatment must be performed.

The treatment itself is performed across three appointments. For the comfort of our patients, we don’t begin until the tooth has been fully anaesthetised. This ensures that you won’t feel anything more than you do during a standard filling.

We begin by completely removing the nerve that’s infected. Next, we clean the canals, disinfecting and shaping them so they can be sealed with a filling material. The shape of the tooth is then restored with either a filling or crown. Once complete, the tooth will be protected against future infection.

Root Canal Treatment Glen Waverley

Complete Dental Care are the local experienced dentist in root canal treatment for Glen Waverley residents. Are you aware of the benefits of root canal treatment? Glen Waverley patients should know that these include treating an abscess in an infected tooth. With root canal treatment teeth can therefore be saved from being removed.

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The friendly dentists at our practice have thorough experience and knowledge in all areas of general dentistry, including root canal treatments. As a Melbourne family dentist, you can rely on us to look after the dental health of the whole family, performing procedures from simple cleans through to root canal treatments. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to make an appointment.

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