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Dental Trauma And Accidents

Dental Trauma And AccidentsIf a permanent tooth is knocked out following an accident, try to pick it up by the crown. If it is dirty, wash it very gently in water or milk for a few seconds before placing it back in the socket. If you are unsure, you can just place the tooth in milk. In either case, immediately visit your dentist for assistance.

Time is critical for the survival of the dental tissues and ultimately for the successful replacement of your tooth.

Baby teeth can not be repositioned as attempting to reposition the tooth can cause damage to the underlying permanent one.

Whilst some accidents happen during play, a large number of dental injuries occur during sports. It is therefore highly recommended to have mouthguards made for your children to protect their teeth during various sports. A custom made mouthguard is highly recommended as it reduces the chance of discomfort and hence increases the likelihood of your child wearing it.

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