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Tooth Whitening And Bleaching

Dazzling white teeth are a definite eye catcher and contribute enormously to an attractive appearance. Unfortunately our teeth are by nature rarely as white as we would wish them to be. More and more people are therefore resorting to bleaching.

Bleaching can be done at home or in the chair. In our clinic we recommend mainly bleaching at home as that gives you more control over the final result and the procedure is far more gentle on your teeth and gums.

Firstly, all of your teeth are thoroughly cleaned from stains caused by coffee, tea, nicotine etc. Your tooth colour is then determined for future comparisons and an impression is taken so that bleaching trays can be made. In the next sitting the trays are checked in the mouth and the bleaching material is issued to you along with instructions on how to best use it. During a check-up visit later, the often astonishing result will be reviewed.

Bleaching can cause sensitivity or irritation to your gums and tissues and is therefore best done under professional supervision.

Bleaching is not effective on fillings and therefore any tooth coloured fillings that are visible may need to be replaced following the bleaching process.

Teeth Whitening & Cleaning Glen Waverley

Next time you visit us for teeth cleaning, Glen Waverley patients should also inquire about our teeth whitening services.

Complete Dental Care are the local dentists experienced in teeth whitening and cleaning in Glen Waverley, and in Wheelers Hill. We pride ourselves on being able to cater to the full range of dental care needs – including root canal treatment, cleaning, and teeth whitening. Glen Waverley patients needn’t visit a specialist cosmetic dentist for this procedure.

So, for the best in local cosmetic dental care, including teeth whitening procedures, contact us today.

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