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Sometimes teeth are lost for various reasons. In order to avoid replacing those teeth with a removable appliance such as a denture (plate), more fixed and permanent solutions are available. One common way is a bridge, which looks like a row of teeth that gets matched to the colour of your original teeth and is made of porcelain. To fit it, the teeth on either side of the gap are crowned and the bridge is attached in the middle. The result is a fully functional bite and an aesthetic smile.

Usually two appointments are required. On your first visit we will trim the teeth on either side of the gap, take an impression, and place temporary crowns on the two teeth to protect them. On your second visit the temporary crowns will be removed and the custom-made bridge is cemented in.

It is important to replace a lost tooth or lost teeth as soon as possible as teeth may drift within the gap and change your bite over time. This changed bite can result in jaw problems, gum disease, difficulty in eating and even decay resulting in possibly more tooth loss.

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